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Comprehensive Solutions and Support for Recycled Raw Materials Marketing

About Us

Our company aims to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients, providing extensive support for the sale of the raw materials they produce using our innovative technologies. We are committed to assisting our clients in maximizing the value of their recycled products by facilitating the marketing of these materials in various markets.
By collaborating with our clients, we provide technical expertise and specialized consulting to optimize production processes and enhance the quality of the resulting raw materials. Additionally, we offer assistance in identifying market opportunities and developing effective sales strategies.
Our integrated approach aims not only to provide advanced recycling technologies but also to ensure that our clients can achieve significant financial returns on their investments. We are dedicated to establishing strong and lasting partnerships with our clients, supporting them at every stage of the process, from initial implementation to the successful commercialization of their recycled products.

Examples of Application

Our machines and technologies can be applied in various ways, enabling the reuse of recycled OTR tires in a wide range of products. Below are some examples of how the resulting recycled material can be utilized:

In the Automotive Industry

Tires: Recycled tires can be used in manufacturing new tires, contributing to reducing the demand for virgin raw materials.

Vibration Absorbing Material: Recycled material can be used as filler to absorb vibrations in different automotive components.

Shock Absorber: Recycled material can be incorporated into shock absorber manufacturing, providing a sustainable and effective alternative.

Rubber Products:

Safety Cushion: Recycled material can be used in producing safety cushions for playgrounds and recreational areas.

Road Isolation Barrier: Isolation barriers made from recycled material provide a durable and environmentally friendly solution for road separation.

Rubber Tube: Recycled rubber tubes have a variety of applications, from fluid conduits to protecting electrical cables.

Athletic Sports Ground Surface Material

Court Surface Material: Recycled material can be used in constructing durable and resilient sports surfaces, ideal for tennis courts and other sports fields.

Pre-Fabricated Rubber Running Track: Rubber running tracks made from recycled rubber offer a high-quality and resistant surface for athletes of all skill levels.

TDF / TDA Energy Recovery and Civil Engineering

Rubber Mulch Application in garden decoration and playground protection

Rubber Crumb Application in Running track and playground

Rubber Powder Application in construction and traffic