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Revolutionizing Tire Recycling

Welcome to ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY, your premier destination for cutting-edge solutions in tire recycling and rubber reclaiming technology. With a legacy spanning over two decades, we have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing high-performance, user-friendly, and environmentally sustainable production lines for recycling end-of-life tires.

At ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation to address the growing global challenge of tire waste. Through our state-of-the-art equipment, we aim to revolutionize tire recycling, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Join us on a journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Explore our range of products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of tire recycling and rubber reclaiming industries. Whether you're a tire manufacturer, recycling facility, or environmental advocate, ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY is here to support your efforts in reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.

Discover the power of green technology with ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY. Let's work together to make a positive impact on our planet.


ELP | GREEN TECHNOLOGY offers expert consulting services to businesses in the tire recycling sector, providing guidance on optimizing operations, improving efficiency, and implementing sustainable practices.


Our team conducts comprehensive market analyses, providing insights into industry trends, consumer behavior, and emerging opportunities. We help businesses make informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition.


We specialize in integrating cutting-edge technologies into tire recycling processes, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental impacts. Our solutions drive innovation and sustainability.


ELP | GREEN TECHNOLOGY offers comprehensive training programs and ongoing support to ensure successful implementation and operation of tire recycling systems. We empower our clients with the knowledge and skills needed for success.

Benefits of Our Products & Services

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Technical Consulting

Our team of experts is available to provide personalized technical advice, helping you find the best solution for your tire recycling and regenerated rubber production needs.

Installation and Commissioning

As well as supplying high-quality equipment, we also offer on-site installation and commissioning services. Our experienced team will ensure that your equipment is installed correctly and ready to operate at maximum efficiency.

Getting to Another Level of Design

When you need your company to have a new website or if you venture on updating your old webpage with a new look and functionality the choices are versatile Assuming that you will go the easy way.

International Trade

Our collaboration leverages expertise and innovation to drive positive environmental and societal impact. Together, we strive to implement advanced technologies, foster the circular economy, and promote sustainable growth. The partnership between ELP Green Technology and Tops Recycling Group signifies a pivotal step towards a greener future. Join us on this journey towards sustainability and let's make a difference together!

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Consultation and Customized Plant Design

Prior to sales, ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY provides professional consultation to customers, understanding their requirements through a questionnaire. Tailored plant designs are created to meet specific customer demands, considering regional factors, marketing needs, and regulatory requirements.

  • Prioritizes customer consultation
  • Customized plant designs
  • Consideration of regional and regulatory factors

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Equipment Manufacturing

Process Management

ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY offers a transparent manufacturing process, providing customers with installation and workflow diagrams. Production facilities requirements such as workshop size, electricity, water, and labor are communicated clearly. A production schedule is established upon receipt of the down payment, with progress updates provided through photos or videos. Customers are invited to inspect and conduct trial production upon machine completion.

  • Clear communication of production process
  • Transparent workflow diagrams
  • Established production schedule
  • Opportunity for customer inspection and trial production

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Support and Maintenance:

ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY assists with machine installation, commissioning, and training at the customer's site. Free technology guidance and consulting services are provided for the entire lifespan of the machines. Spare parts are available at cost price for the full life of the machines. Assistance in selling end products is offered, leveraging the company's global customer network. Customer support via phone and email is available during and after working hours, with on-site visits and repairs as needed.

  • On-site installation, commissioning, and training
  • Free technology guidance and consulting
  • Cost-price spare parts
  • Global customer network assistance
  • 24/7 customer support

ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY's Comprehensive Service Solutions

Elevating Operational Excellence:

In today's competitive industrial landscape, operational efficiency and seamless service delivery are essential for sustained success. ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY emerges as a beacon of excellence, offering a comprehensive suite of service solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. From pre-sale consultation to post-installation support and remote technical assistance, ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY's commitment to excellence shines through every aspect of its service offerings.

After-sales Support and Maintenance
ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY's commitment to excellence extends beyond the point of sale, with a comprehensive suite of after-sales support services aimed at maximizing the lifespan and performance of its equipment. From installation and commissioning to ongoing training and technical guidance, ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY stands by its customers every step of the way. Moreover, clients benefit from access to genuine spare parts at cost price, ensuring uninterrupted operation and minimal downtime. With a global network of buyers and a dedicated team of service technicians, ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY goes the extra mile to support its customers, offering round-the-clock assistance and on-site visits as required.

Comprehensive Training and Technical Support
Central to ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY's service philosophy is its unwavering commitment to empowering customers with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Through comprehensive training programs and technical support services, clients gain valuable insights into equipment operation, operations consultation, and market dynamics. Whether through on-site consultations, professional seminars, or remote technical assistance, ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY ensures that clients have access to the resources they need to thrive in today's competitive marketplace.

Equipment Manufacturing Process Management
Once the project design is finalized, ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY takes charge of the equipment manufacturing process, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring seamless execution. Detailed equipment installation plans and workflow diagrams are provided to clients, offering clarity and transparency every step of the way. Moreover, clients are kept informed about essential production facilities requirements, such as workshop specifications and resource consumption metrics. With a keen focus on timelines and quality, ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY ensures that the production process remains on track, providing regular updates to clients through visual documentation. Upon completion, clients are invited to inspect and conduct trial production, demonstrating ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Tops Service:

A Perfect Team is Here to Serve You

At ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY, the journey begins with Tops Service, where a dedicated team of professionals stands ready to assist customers at every step of the way. Before making a purchase, clients benefit from expert pre-sale consultation, wherein ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY's seasoned professionals gather essential insights through detailed questionnaires. This information is then used to design bespoke solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client, ensuring that no two plants are alike. From regional considerations to compliance with local regulations, ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY's meticulous approach sets the stage for success.

Remote Technical Support: Real-time Global Assistance

In an era defined by connectivity and agility, ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY stands at the forefront of innovation, offering real-time global support through its advanced remote technical assistance capabilities. Leveraging the state-of-the-art ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY BRAIN control panel, clients benefit from swift diagnostics and troubleshooting, enabling them to address technical issues promptly and efficiently. This proactive approach to support underscores ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY's commitment to delivering unparalleled service excellence, ensuring that clients can operate with confidence and peace of mind.

In conclusion, ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY's comprehensive service solutions represent a paradigm shift in the industrial landscape, where excellence is not merely a goal but a way of life. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and technological innovation, ELP GREEN TECHNOLOGY continues to redefine industry standards, empowering businesses to achieve new heights of success in an ever-evolving marketplace.